Innovative Crypto Investment


Flexible and effortless alternative for investing in
Disruptives Projects

PLEX-F is an innovative crypto investment that includes the gasless holder yield (frictionless yield) feature and loyalty rewards additions. In fact, a certain percentage of deductions are taken from each on-chain transaction and this amount is automatically reflected in the balances of the investors who hold the token at the time the transaction is made. Thanks to this approach, investors can earn yields by simply holding their tokens without staking them.

However, this feature alone does not constitute a market innovation, so additionally, PLEX-F offers investors the possibility to earn loyalty rewards for safely holding their investments for long periods (at least six months), while protecting those same investments through automatic liquidity mechanisms and a monetary policy that mitigates speculative actions.

The most important for the investor is to keep in mind that PLEX-F is not an old recipe of speculative investment. As matter of fact, PLEX-F must be seen as a safe investment and fundraising platform, where everyone basically has the opportunity to invest in projects with high disruptive potential, which in turn can provide additional profits for investors. In summary, the main and long-term objective of the platform is continuously to raise funds on an ongoing basis to invest in the development of innovative projects supported by Symplexia Labs.

More About Symplexia Process

Advanced Protection Mechanisms


Monetary Policy


Best choice to increase profits without losing
sight of Financial Risks

Everyone must be fully aware of that all kinds of financial risks arise with any unregulated financial market and understand that one of the most unpredictable and unavoidable risk is “high volatility”, especially in the initial phase of launching a new asset. Generally speaking, cryptocurrency market volatility is extremely high and price fluctuations are equally high.

Worst of all, there is no precise logic behind these fluctuations or volatilities. However, it is known that in many cases instability is the result of actions orchestrated by more aggressive investors. Due to this finding, Symplexia Labs prioritized the development of a Monetary Policy that aims to mitigate the negative result of these actions on the price of the PLEX-F token.

Contingency Mechanisms


Safer alternative to worry-free enjoying the
best of the cryptocurrency market

Trading cryptocurrencies carries a high level of fraud and scam risks, mainly because that market is full of traps that come disguised as high profitable investments. In this context, the PLEX-F platform provides a set of methods that allow an efficient monitoring of suspicious activities, allowing Treasury Analyst to act preventively in the mitigation of malicious activities, and may even temporarily put an account in a Warning List in order to correctly assess the nature of those activities. In very exceptional cases, where serious systemic failures are observed, the contract may be temporarily paused by the Compliance Auditor so as to correct these eventual failures, thus avoiding financial losses for investors.

And most importantly, to mitigate the trust related risk (insider fraud), the activities of the Treasury Analyst and the Compliance Auditor focus on different aspects of the contract and are supervised by a Financial Manager, who in turn is under the supervision of the Contract Manager.

Long-Term Strategy


Robust and well-founded path to diversify
any Portfolio Investment

Plain and simple – if you really want a solid investment, don’t mess around with adding any kind of crypto coins to your digital wallet. You must definitely understand that get-rich-quick schemes are just that – schemes. As a matter of fact, the road to building wealth is gradual and perennial. But you may already know that.

Therefore, if you decide to invest in PLEX-F it means that you are willing to run a long road to get a consistent financial return on your invested capital, coherent with the main and long-term objective of the platform, which is to continuously raise funds in order to invest in innovative projects from Symplexia Labs. Thus, if in the long-term these projects are financially successful, the investors will have the possibility of having real returns on their investment.

Certainly no one will double or triple their capital overnight and, be sure, if anyone claim to guarantee an astronomical yield and to mitigate all risks, they cannot be trusted.

Vision of a Desired Future


  • STAGE 01


    Q1 2022
    At this stage, the monetary concepts necessary for the development of the project are produced, including the design of the basic architecture of the smart contract (BEP20) and the main contract and all accessories are developed and tested.
  • STAGE 02

    Launch & Listing

    Q2 2022
    At this stage, the effective launch of the new token is carried out and the process of submitting the request for listing the token on specialized websites is carried out in order to make the token discoverable and globally trusted.
  • STAGE 03


    Q3/Q4 2022
    At this stage, are carried out all activities needed to allow the integration of the website with the wallet (Metamask) and with an automated market maker (PlexSwap), allowing the initial operation of the PLEX-F token.
  • STAGE 04


    Q1/Q2 2023
    At this stage, the first partnerships will be developed that will allow the most effective exposure of the PLEX-F token in the cryptocurrency market, through the most significant exchanges.
  • STAGE 05


    Q3/Q4 2023
    At this stage, the consolidation of the expansion strategy is sought with the development of some missing complementary functionalities and improvements in some other components, in order to obtain more efficient operations.
  • STAGE 06

    Ecosystem Expansion

    Q1/Q2 2024
    At this stage, a more definitive vision of the scope to be covered by the PLEX-F ecosystem is drawn up as part of Symplexia Labs' medium-term strategy, with the consequent expansion of the project team.

What you should be aware


There are many new and complex sources of risk that investors face when investing in cryptocurrencies, so before deciding to trade cryptocurrencies, an investor should carefully consider their investment objectives and risk tolerance and be fully aware that may eventually experience “substancial losses”. Therefore, given the high risks associated with cryptocurrency trading, an investor should primarily seek the assistance of a financial advisor so as to assembling an investment portfolio based on a Risk Management Plan.

What you should know


Highly Volatile
Irreversible Transactions
Unregulated Market
Highly Susceptible to Hacking
Scam Risk
Poor Economic Design

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Looking for

an Investment?


Dual Burn Mechanism

The PLEX-F features a "Deflationary Strategy" based on two complementary burn mechanisms. Every selling transaction triggers a dynamic fee calculation method (_getDynamicFee) that establishes the percentages for the “Deflation Fee”, “Delayed Burn Fee” and “Loyalty Rewards Fee”. The amount referring to the deflation fee is burned automatically during the transaction, thus reducing the token supply. The value referring to the delayed burn fee is stored in a special reserve fund (wicksellReserves) to be manually burned by the Treasury Analyst at a later chosen date.


Ideally, the Treasury Analyst should trigger the burn method (WicksellBurn) every 90 days so as to effectively burn the tokens stored in the "Wicksell Reserves" wallet, in order to make the token price more attractive.


Investors are also offered a method for manually burning their tokens (InvestorBurn), however this burning has no immediate effect on the token supply. In fact, when the investor activates this method, 20% of the amount informed goes to the "Loyalty Rewards" wallet and 80% is credited to the "Wicksell Reserves" wallet to be burned manually afterwards.


Altogether, those mechanisms generate a controlled scarcity that allows to maintain the value of the token at attractive levels and at the same time provides an additional opportunity for passive income. However, the execution of this strategy is limited to the total burning of 500,000,000 tokens, leaving the Total Supply around 1,000,000,000 tokens at the end of its implementation.

Deflationary Strategy

Long-Term Market Game

Lately, cryptocurrency investments have become almost as complex as stock investments, where countless stocks are available to confuse investors every day. And to make this saturated scenario even worse, it is clear that good part of these new assets are mere schemes for the quick and fraudulent get rich of their creators.


While it is important to remember that no investment is genuinely safe, it should be noted that cryptocurrencies in this regard present a large amount of financial risks that deserve to be carefully taken into account. So how can you decide to invest in PLEX-F?


First, try to imagine cryptocurrency investing as a long-term market game, where the biggest challenge is predicting the next chessboard setup. However, different from the game of chess, in this game there is no limitation on the number of players that can be almost simultaneously changing the configuration of the board, making the game somewhat unpredictable.


Thus, it is essential that the investor somehow has an analysis of the broad context or external environment in which the investment will produce and grow, in order to make the long-term result more predictable.


The message to be conveyed is that before investing in PLEX-F, the investor must understand a little more about Symplexia Labs' proposal as an innovation company and only after a perfect understanding of the proposed approach should the investor acquire the PLEX-F token, based on a realistic expectation of the chosen investment.


When in doubt, don't invest. But if you invest, rest assured that you will be helping to finance Innovative Projects, whose eventual economic success could generate significant profits for you. You will not just be investing in a cryptocurrency, you will be investing in an idea.

PLEX-F for Novices and Dreamers

PLEX-F is a great starting point for any newcomer or inexperienced investor to the cryptocurrency market. However, no one you should go into an investment just because someone says it's worth it. It is up to you to study in more depth the investment proposal suggested by the crypto asset prospected.


When you buy cryptocurrency, know that it holds zero intrinsic value. Rather, it represents ownership of a digital asset. Its price is simply determined by the public perception of its value, so you need to believe in the value of the cryptocurrency you have chosen to invest in. Thus, study all the information provided in this site so as to develop your own beliefs.

PLEX-F for Angels and Demons

Most good angels have their partner demon and these demons in general carry a special power that can bring other angel investors together and make some deals happen fast. Together, angels and demons can leverage any innovative project, organize high creative funding agreements and turnaround entire companies. That is the kind of synergy that no entrepreneur can afford to ignore, so we are gradually preparing for both.


However, we have a pre-defined premise that all angels and demons who are willing to invest massively in Symplexia Labs projects must agree to receive back, as a collateral, up to 30% of the invested capital converted into PLEX-F and blocked for 3 years. This is the minimum time required for Symplexia's main projects to reach maturity and present an effective financial return.

PLEX-F for Investors and Partners

We are developing a special strategy to sell pre-locked token to long-term investors who are willing to provide the funding needed for the initial growth of Symplexia. This investment profile suits investors seeking access to early stage businesses with lower valuations and who have the ability and willingness to be locked into their investments for longer periods of time.


All financial relationships with those long-term investors will always be done through this platform. Every project initiated by Symplexia Labs will have its budget planning based on PLEX-F, therefore facilitating the investment strategy and participation in those projects. The investor's percentage of participation in a given project will always be calculated by the percentage of SMPX that he has among other investors.


PLEX-F for Sharks and Whales

One of the most obvious implications of whales and sharks investing in cryptocurrencies is the increase in the price of the asset with the setting of a new all-time highs, as to the extent that they can influence the price, they can also induce an increase in its adoption. People know that these whales and institutions do not invest their money in something that is not safe, so for any currency this type of exposure ends up being a good business card.


However, the currency must provide mechanisms that seek to mitigate the high volatility caused by the predatory activities sometimes conducted by these market giants. In that context, the SMPX platform provides a set of regulatory mechanisms that, together with a dynamic fee calculation method, penalizes any speculative movement.

PLEX-F for Developers and Contributors

We are developing a mid-term strategy with developer partners to support innovative project developments that may at the end materialize high financial success and, as a result, see positive token price momentum.


In this context, we seek to prioritize the assembly of multidisciplinary teams that are engaged with our vision of innovation and willing to accept that their main remuneration is based on the PLEX-F token. As one of the ways to induce low turnover and greater commitment to projects, all developer partners, without exception, will be remunerated with assets blocked for 720 days.


The PLEX-F platform incorporates a smartcontract management system (SCMS) that brings with it a complete hierarchy of roles and responsibilities to meet all the management needs of the main contract and its ancillary contracts.


Behind the scenes of SCMS are human agents that perform specific tasks, such as adjusting the basic parameters of the contract, performing preventive security actions, triggering methods of correcting the monetary fundamentals of the contract, and so on. Each role in SCMS has specific authorizations and defined responsibilities, following a task division strategy that guarantees greater security in the management of the most sensitive aspects of the platform.


SCMS includes the following roles:


Contract Manager: responsible for keeping track of every deadline, deliverable, and other obligations laid out in the contract and supervising the tasks performed by the Financial Controller.


Financial Controller: responsible for all financial aspects of the contract, focusing on its health, safety and stability; having under its supervision all the Treasury Analysts.


Compliance Auditor: responsible for auditing all aspects of the contract to verify its security and authorized operations. In particular, the compliance auditor will manage and review the event log and have no operational responsibilities.


Treasury Analyst: responsible for monitoring the daily events of the contract, adopting preventive and corrective procedures of a financial nature and triggering security alerts, when necessary, to higher levels.

Smartcontract Management System

PLEX-F for Teslas and Edisons

At Symplexia Labs, innovative solutions come from a systematic and cyclical process that ranges from generating, capturing and processing new ideas to the final transformation of these ideas into innovative products or services. The initial phase of this process is designed to be supported by a series of public contests that aim to select the best ideas and whose prizes reach up to 1000 PLEX-F per selected idea.


But if you don't have the creative spirit of a Tesla, you might just be a sponsor of new ideas. Keep in mind that by choosing to invest in the PLEX-F token you will actually be helping to fund Innovative Projects whose eventual economic success could generate significant profits for you. You will not just be investing in a cryptocurrency, you will be investing in an idea.

So stay tuned and decide what is best for you.